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If you'd like to get in touch with Noelle or find her music on other sites, you can use the links on the left of this page or send an email to

Stephen O'Brien

Stephen engineered, mixed, co-produced and played piano on Noelle's album Seeds. He did a first rate job. His professionalism, talent and vision made the recording process easy and smooth.

Karina Finegan

Karina is an amazing photographer who is passionate about her work. She took some brilliant photos, one of which will be used for the cover of Noelle's upcoming single 'Sunny Days'. Click on Karina's name to be taken to her website.

Raymond Beggan

Raymond is a talented music and video producer who resides between Dublin and Croatia. He is a multi-instrumentalist and has worked with Noelle on many projects over the years. Most recent of these is the video for 'My Lord'. Raymond's album 'The First Day of Purple' was released to critical acclaim in 2003.

Shane Regan

Folk-rocker Shane Regan is a Dublin-based musician and he's about to release his second E.P. The songs vary from the sweet and nostalgic to the terrifying.

Dennis Cassidy

The drums and percussion on all the tracks on Noelle's album were played by Dennis. He is the master of all styles and in addition to being in many excellent bands, is a busy session drummer.

Derek Whyte

Derek is a fantastic bassist who also plays on Noelle's CD. He can be found playing in many jazz trios and quartets around Dublin.

Ryan Cronin-Neilan

The portrait photos, including the lovely peacock ones on the 'Connect' page, were all taken by Ryan. As you can see he is an execllent photographer with a unique style.