Noelle My first introduction to music as a child was through my father. He is a traditional Irish fiddle player and singer and although he is in his seventies, he is still the life and soul of any party with his bank of old-time songs and merry playing - a recipe for youthfulness no doubt! His love of music definitely had an influence on me when I was growing up and we play together regularly.Dandelion

In 2001, I studied voice full time for a year in Newpark School of Jazz, Dublin and was awarded the Professional Musician Training Certificate. This experience opened me up to a whole new world of musical influences and it was here that I met some very talented musicians who later played on my album Seeds. As a qualified primary school teacher I have taught music to children as part of the curriculum. I have also led children's choirs for Christmas plays, First Holy Communions and Confirmations.

Having released my album Seeds in April 2011, I am delighted to be able to share snippets of fleeting moments and cherished memories with you. My album is available in HMV, Tower Records and Golden Discs. To see a video of the track My Lord, click here. You can view the lyrics below and order it by clicking here.

If you are interested in exploring your vocal range, learning new songs and gaining confidence in your performance, I am currently giving singing lessons in Listowel. Lessons are individually tailored to suit your vocal range and style. Scroll down for further details.

Location For Singing Lessons :

Listowel, Co. Kerry


Private one-to-one session: 20.00 Euro per half hour class

About the Lessons:

In your first lesson, we will discuss your goals and musical tastes. We will then start with some warm-up exercises and scales to find out where your voice is at. We will also incorporate some breathing exercises into your routine.

When you are ready to sing, we will spend the rest of the lesson working on a song. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of songs that I play on guitar. You can also bring your own songs to work on, either original or cover versions. Every singer, from beginner to advanced, is working toward the same goals: relaxed, accurate vocalisation resulting in great tone, flexibility, expression and range.

The eventual aim is for you to be able to sing the songs you choose or need to sing. During a lesson, I may suggest alternative songs which may be more appropriate to your development: every song has something to teach you, and exploring repertoire can sometimes lead you in unexpected directions.

Here are the words to all the songs on Seeds. Click on a song title to display or close the lyrics.

Sunny Days

Sunny Days don't come round that often
And so I try to make the most of it
But time stands still when I've got
Too much time
And the sun won't ever
Change my mind

Famine or feast
Where is the in-between
Set your sights high
Will get you in tonight
But don't you buy it don't you
Be dragged in
What you've got is much nicer when you're
Sitting in the still of it

And then something draws me
Closer to the heart of you and
Something tells me
Don't turn back because you won't
Ever lose your way
No way
Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons and Jamie Toomey
Drums: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte
Trumpet: Andrew Christofides
Saxophone: Matthew Berril

My Lord

No sooner had I asked you to bend
You gave it two-fold right into my hand
What a sensation for me to unfold
And what it was to me before
Isn't any more

At the start of the day
Something wakes me up to say that
You are loved
You're just like me
And there's only one
And one in all
Who'll bring you to your knees

Oh my Lord
Oh my Lord
I've been waiting
I've been waiting for you

Now I see your name
Everywhere I turn my head just
Opens up with thoughts of you
And how could I not have seen before
The writing on the wall

Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Rhythm guitar: Jamie Toomey
Drums: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte
Keyboards: Stephen O'Brien

Your Honour

We move in harmony
Like a silver-plated man on a golden horse
We dance in circles free from the knowledge
Of needing or want of
Anything more in this life
But a whiff of gaiety

Show me your honour
Your commendable stake
That's enough for me

Dress me in clothes that don't leave a mark
That don't hide my fallible knee
Dress me in you but keep us apart
For the river runs deep into the heart
Of a mother to her young
Of the moon and burning sun

Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Drums: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte
Keyboards: Stephen O'Brien

Ruby Lips

I had a dream last night
Oh what a dream
I was lying beside my man to be
And all I could see were his ruby lips
And all I could feel was his closeness
So close

And then an animal flew
Across the room
I said 'Hey did you see that'?
I said 'What is it doing in here'?

Then I woke to the sound
Of these voices
And the smell of cigarettes
I could almost taste them
And as I came to I caught a glimpse of you
In my minds eye
I thought 'Ooh'

What was that all about?

Well so much for dreams
So much for my element
Now it's back to the real
Day-to-day confessions
Day to day
Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Drums: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte
Saxophone: Matthew Berril
Piano: Stephen O'Brien

Blood Red Rose

Sometimes there are no words
To say what I want to say
Throwing out my anchor
To give way to this passing feeling

There is goes
My blood red rose
There it goes

Crawling down the hallway
On her knees, begging you please
Searching for her daughter
She was three just the other week

There she goes
My blood red rose
There she goes

It's the way
It's the way of the world sometimes
Can we save?
Can we save maybe one more life?

Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Drums/percussion: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte
Harmonica: Stephen O'Brien


Three-O, I'm at home
Memories tracing back to when
I wondered what I'd be doing then
And now my tune's changed
'Cause I've been caught unaware
By a sea oh so dazzling
What picture will be placed upon my wall?
What colours will greet me when I wake up?

Buzzing bees in my room
But I awoke before they flew
To satisfy my open eyes
And give you some of mine
Footsteps waking down the stairs
Like he never knew me
But maybe he does now

There it goes again
Buzzing bees every ten
But I don't want to leave you
No not just yet
We'll lose the flow
We might forget what we came here for
And I need to see your naked smile
I need to be taken when the tide is high
I need to be reminded what it was like

Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Drums: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte
Wurlitzer: Stephen O'Brien

Bare Pin

And as he sang his song of love
He poured it out his heart and soul
And as his gaze intensified
He hoped for just one look from her
But she laid there
With eyes gently closed
And as she held his hand
I wondered if she would give a smile

And as his song drew to a close
You could here a bare pin drop
He looked into her tired face
And then he sang the final words
Oh will you be my bride he sang
Will you be with me?
And the love it poured
Between their hearts
For everyone to see

In a icy cold building
The love it poured
In an icy cold building
The love it poured
Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Drums and percussion: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte


Now that I've time to stop
Stop all this rushing around
Four months on
Time to Breathe
And oh how I've missed you
And the good times together
How've you been doing?
Do you still want to take it
From here to never?

Oh and I'm glad to hear
The seeds you've sown
Will grow into full bloom
And it fills my heart
With all the joy
Seeing you do what you do

And although the birds have flown
Onto southern skies
And although the years have slipped away
I follow with open eyes
And although the autumn leaves are twirling round
They shall return safe and sound
And although the end may look
A little bleak
It's just the beginning my sweet

Go now and fill your day with all
The things that you want it to be
Go now and feel the breeze
Wash away your sympathies
For all of those queen of hearts,
King of spades, jack of clubs
Looking for love
Chasing your tail again
Stop for a min and look at
The sun up above
Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Drums: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte
Piano: Stephen O'Brien
Trumpet: Andrew Christofides

Birthday Song

Happy birthday to you
The years have just flown by
Look at all the changes
That have come into your life
All the things you thought would be
Simply never were
Bet you never thought there'd be
So much more to know

So I'm still bathing
While the sun prevails
I'm still bathing
See me floating
Way on high

Happy birthday to you
Have a drink on me
But don't let me see my name
Don't let me see the year
Don't let this be the best year yet
No that would be a shame
To go ahead discount the rest
And forget about where you came from

Up in the clouds
High in the sky
There is no such thing here
As the passage of time
Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitar: Paddy Lyons
Drums and percussion: Dennis Cassidy
Saxophone and clarinet: Matthew Berril
Trumpet: Andrew Christofides
Keyboards: Stephen O'Brien

Give You My Love

You know I just cannot wipe it all out
It's not like this for everyone the first time
You're surprised but not half as I
'Cause I never thought
I'd be the one to spill this song all over you

Now all I can say is see me as I am today
Now all I can do is give you my love
See it coming through

Feeling good about what we'd done
but that turned to stone
'Cause you always hoped my voice would tell of no other
Now you know you want to be alone and I understand
'Cause it kills me to imagine you on the other side

Now all I can say is see me as I am today
Now all I can do is give you my love
See it coming through
Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Drums: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek Whyte
Keyboards: Stephen O'Brien

Tinted Glass

How has it come to this?
A penchant for a wealth
Of domination in the world
Conceited men calling us to tend
To their so-called needs

Can we not all lend a hand?
Defend the one who's to be damned by
Loud-mouthed faces making noise
Yeah I know it doesn't always go that way
No two people are the same but
Maybe if we think it in our heads
Who's to say we won't blend into one
Into one

Yeah I know it doesn't always go that way
When your deepest thoughts are not far away
And you know you're here to shed your skin
Feel the sun and run amid
The laden trees as they bow down
Or watch the world through tinted glass
Watch it change as you go back
On your word
Vocals: Noelle O'Sullivan
Guitars: Paddy Lyons
Drums: Dennis Cassidy
Bass: Derek White
Saxophone: Matthew Berrill
Keyboards and Banjo: Stephen O'Brien

Thanks and Credits

I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing musicians, whose talent, ideas and musicianship made this album sound the way it does. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Paddy, Derek, Dennis, Jamie, Matthew, Stephen and Andrew. I couldn’t have asked to work with better players or nicer people. Thanks to Stephen who recorded and produced my album as well as playing an array of instruments! From day one, his relentless commitment, enthusiasm and brilliant ideas saw us all through to the end. Thanks to Paddy for all of the help and support over the last number of years. You have been a tower of strength to me. Thanks to Karina for capturing some great shots on her camera, including the one that I used for the cover and the back. Thanks to Rebecca for her creative energy and enthusiasm in designing the CD artwork. Thanks to my family who have always supported me in all I did. My heart goes out to mammy and nana who are no longer here on earth. Thank you for all your lessons and love - I hope that I am doing you proud. I wish to dedicate this album to your memory. Thank you to all the listeners and supporters out there, who are drawn to my musical world and who have come to gigs down the years. It gives me great encouragement to know that you can relate to my songs and I feel blessed to have been given this wonderful gift to share with you. Last but not least, thanks to my heavenly angels for guiding and supporting me.

This video was shot in 3 sessions by the great Raymond Beggan.

Double-clicking the video will make it fullscreen. You can view a high-definition version on the Vimeo site. The live footage is from a gig in Bewley's Cafe Theatre in Dublin in Spring 2009.

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These are portrait photos by Ryan Cronin-Neilan and live photos by Raymond Beggan.

These are pictures of practise sessions, recording and other interesting stuff.