I have been practising yoga now for eleven years. My first introduction was in 2003 when I attended a friend's class in Dublin. Not knowing much about yoga, my initial intention was to get fit but as I was to discover, yoga is much more than about physical well-being. In ancient India, the closing of the gap between the mind and the soul were described as yoga or union. Yoga teaches us a way to unite ourselves with our inner spirit or spiritual essence.

After attending classes for two years and feeling the benefits, I studied the teacher training programme run by YTTC Dublin- Yoga Therapy and Training Centre. I qualified in 2005 and then went on to work in various centres including the VEC in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Lotus Yoga Studios on Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 and also in my hometown of Glin, Co. Limerick. Current projects have included teaching yoga to children in Listowel Boys School and to recovering cancer patients in The Recovery Haven, Tralee.

Venue and Time:

There are currently no classes running.


10.00 Euro per class

About the Classes:

The yoga class begins with a set of breathing exercises, known as Pranayama. This is followed by a series of gentle stretches or postures, known as Asanas, which are practised in harmony with the breath and with awareness. The aim is to let go of tension and to bring yourself into the present moment. The session ends with the practice of relaxation. Each person works at his or her own level and the practice can be modified to accommodate individual problems.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch in easily - a tracksuit or a t-shirt and leggings are ideal. Bring a yoga mat, a blanket for relaxation and a towel for support in certain postures. For the small group sessions I provide yoga mats. Shoes are removed before the session starts. No food or drink should be taken for an hour before the class. Support blocks and belts for stretching are provided.

After practising yoga for some time, your energy vibrates at a higher frequency and you will feel more in tune with life, with nature and the universe. You will be more inclined to be reflective and self questioning. Your powers of intuition will deepen and your mind will become more balanced. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you’re interested in setting up a yoga practice in your place of work. Click here for details.